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Why Should I go on a Raw Food Diet

Why Go Raw - Raw Food Benefits

So, now that you know what a raw food diet is all about, you need to decide, is it right for you? Well, you do not need to incorporate raw food 100% of the time. You can just eat more fruits and vegetables and no processed foods. Try drinking fruit juices until lunchtime and then eating a healthy veggie sandwich.

For dinner, eat some blanched vegetables with a cooked meal with no meats. When you gradually detoxify your body, you will see dramatic results. First, you will go through the detoxifying process, where you will feel tired, have headaches, skin eruptions, etc.

Once you are over this tough time, you will feel light, not dragged down, energetic, vitality, and conscious, among other things. You will have more mental clarity and therefore be more productive. Your body will feel cleansed, you will be able to treat disease and prevent new ones from forming. You will see a dramatic weight loss, for instance, five pounds a week.

You will also notice that you do not seem weighed down with colds or sicknesses because your immune system is much stronger. You will be saving money because you can either grow your vegetables or buy them at a farmers' market. Buying organic food will save the earth and provide agricultural support, which is much needed. You will also save time and money because you will not be in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

You will not be eating animals, because these animals have been pumped with high hormones and that wouldn’t benefit you anyway, but instead toxify you. This, in turn, puts an end to the torture in animal farming. You will not be plagued with depression, PMS, or acne. In fact, your skin will be absolutely glowing, you will feel rejuvenated. This type of eating also slows the aging process.

Your senses will be enhanced; you will be more flexible and fertile. You will be more creative, motivated, and also relaxed. You will focus more on relationships and be more environmentally attuned and inwardly attuned.

What you will notice is an amazing spiritual awakening that you have never experienced before because you have changed your vibrations to a higher level capable of clearer thought patterns.

Raw Food Diet Disclosure 
we do not believe (opinion only) that you should just ditch everything and jump into a raw food only diet. 
Partially raw is the way to go and always remember smoothies are fab!  👍💪🍉🍊🍌🍋🍎