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Getting Enough Nourishment on a Raw Food Diet

Intellectually, you might concur that consuming raw foods is a good idea. But is the idea of giving up a lifetime of bad eating habits for what seems like a good idea seem too much for you to handle?

So don't! That is ridiculous, and it is a surefire way to ensure that you won't even give eating raw food a chance. Even the healthiest ideas should be taken in moderation anyway. 

“Everything in moderation” and we think that applies to even the healthiest ideas and notions.

Consider trying a raw food diet as adding something to your diet and not taking anything AWAY.

Try incorporating foods like raw vegetables, sprouts, fruits, and healthy smoothies into your daily diet.  

You do want to be sure though, that you’re getting enough of the right kinds of nutrition. Eating raw foods doesn’t mean eating only the raw foods you like. Watermelon is good for you and watermelon smoothies taste great, but it’s not enough. 

The same with most foods. You’ll need to do a little research into which raw foods have the essential proteins, or what combinations of food you need to eat to get enough protein.   Which is why we believe that a partially raw diet is better than a fully raw diet.

Eating raw food is intended to nourish your body in a completely different way, but just being raw isn’t enough. You want to do this to be in balance, and you need to balance the raw foods you’re eating for proper nutrition.

One way to ensure that you are getting enough nutrients is to incorporate a new vegetable every week. You could also rotate raw veggies daily by simply adding them into your salad. 

Chop up 2 broccoli florets and toss them into a chicken salad. The next day throw some sprouts into a salad or skip the salad and throw them into a smoothie. The day after that throw some raw baby carrots with other ingredients into juicer and have yourself a healthy raw juice drink.

You can add raw fruits and Veggies into salads, smoothies, and juice. 

You can add them to your meals. Make yourself a cold pasta salad with garlic sauce and add some raw broccoli florets, some raw slices of ginger, or raw slices of radishes. 

You can make raw food dips out of raw veggies and other ingredients to dip 
raw baby carrots, or dip some raw broccoli florets in it, or dip some celery sticks into your yummy raw food dip. 

Either way... however you choose to add raw foods into your daily diet mix them up to get the nutrients from a variety of fruits and veggies.

And no... we do not believe (opinion only) that you should just ditch everything and jump into a raw food only diet. Partially raw is the way to go and remember smoothies are fab! 👍💪                                            💪🍉🍊🍌🍋🍎